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Many of our clients ask us to recommend the best place in Chiang Mai to buy antiques. They recognize that there are is value in antiques and not only do antiques dress up a house but they are good investments as well.

If someone asked me now where to buy antiques in Chiang Mai for their home be it here in Chiang Mai or out of country I would suggest a moving sale of sorts.

An antique dealer and avid collector is moving from Chiang Mai. Over 30 plus years of collecting he has amassed a variety of antiques that is sure to be of interest to new collectors.

And due to the fact he is moving the prices are as low you will see them and bargain prices.

Just imagine several of these marble pieces just outside the entrance to your house and several pices nearer the house just before one enters the house.

Not an expenditure but an Investment.

We consider the owner of the antiques a friend and one that is carefully selected and held antiques of value.

This "Marble Collection" is for sale individually or as a complete set.

Our service assists our clients to buy Jewelry, Clothing, Auto's, household items..

and all at a discount over regular prices. We Do Not receive Commissions on any purchase nor do we have any compensation in any manner from the vendor.

We do however charge a small reasonable fee for our advice, assistance and where required use of our English/Thai/Chinese speaking staff and vehicle and to arrange meetings with the craftsmen who actually produce these items.

That is how you can get the best price, the best quality and best value.

Marble Collection

- 13 pieces carved from the best marble

Marble Collection
Marble Collection
Marble Collection

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