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We would estimate that 75% our Retire clients want a swimming pool on site at their long term accommodations and we would estimate that 40% want fitness facilities on site if available or near to their selected long term accommodations.

Swimming is actually a great exercise for seniors as it is not stressful on our joints. Good exercise and it can keep us cooler during the hot season.

As clients ask us for pool and fitness on site for both their short and long term accommodation needs we have to be aware of which accommodations offer pool, or fitness or both. Retire-on-550 service has now been handling Chiang Mai accommodations for our clients and website visitors for over 4 years. Most of our accommodations offerings have swimming pool on site. Even our budget "Best Value in Chiang Mai" 1 bedroom has pool on site and fitness and pool across the street.

It is very difficult to find economy accommodations with both pool and fitness on site and difficult to find executive accommodations with pool and fitness on site and not just fitness but a good fitness centre. If the accommodations only has 6-8 pieces of equipment and a few do not work then we would not consider it a good fitness centre.

Clients that do not have fitness on site often join fitness clubs but find that they can be pricey, you risk losing your membership if the club closes unexpectedly, and travelling between fitness centre and one's accommodations can be time consuming and even reduce fitness centre visits with inclement weather.

Our Best Value Accommodations has a fitness centre across the street which is a 2 minute walk from the accommodations complex and it is only 20 baht/use and we expect one could negotiate a reduction for longer term usage. And the fitness centre offes aerobics classes as well.

IF one does not have pool and fitness at their accommodations we recommend places our clients can go and we have to locate and check out pool/fitness facilities near to where clients are residing.

For long term accommodations we prefer the Riverside area and the north-east part of the city. The Nimmenheimen rd. area is a nice area to visit but hate to live there as too much traffic.

Kawee Fitness centre is located near Airport Mall and can easily be accessed from the highway.
The Best Fitness Centre and Pool combination in Chiang Mai based on location, facilities, and price is Rati Lanna resort on Changklan rd.

It appears that some people have discovered this fact as they now have a waiting list to become members. The cost of pool, fitness, sauna, for 1 month is only 1,200 baht and only 6,000 baht for 6 month membership and only 10,000 baht for a yearly membership.

Membership has some additional benefits such as discounts for other services such as meals.
If you check out the pool, fitness room and facilities you will agree that this is the "Best Fitness Centre in Chiang Mai".

Rati Lanna

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