Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

There are many ways in which our retire clients, and our website visitors can save money on their airfare costs. It is all a matter of knowing how.

You can pay full fare, pay for excess luggage, pay for extra reclining seats, pay for extra legroom, pay for upgrades to Executive Class or Business Class or you can get free upgrades and reduced airfare.

Retire-on-550 clients are told how to save hundreds of dollars on their airfare when they come here to retire. Not a single website has mentioned this cost savings and yet there it is available for everyone who comes here to retire and follows our tips and advice.

No gimmicks, no maybe's or if's. You will save hundreds of dollars per person on your next airfare.

We discovered this savings over 7 years ago and in all the research we have done since that time not a single website has mentioned this airfare saving to it's readers.

And there are other ways you can save money versus paying full fare and full upgrades and extra fees.

When one takes an International flight one is limited often to 40 kilos of luggage and one carry on piece of luggage. When one arrives here via Bangkok as most people do, one takes a train, or bus or plane (which is the preferred method of getting here from Bangkok) and in case of the plane and domestic flight you luggage allowance could be 7 kilos (normal fare) up to 30 kilos (executive fare) and an excess luggage charge on top of your normal air fare.

What we found out was that if we booked the domestic flight to Chiang Mai same day that we are entitled to the same luggage allowance as the international flight. We tried it, and the agent for the airline initially refused and we pointed in the direction of the person who gave us the advice, and low and behold we were granted the international luggage allowance for the domestic flight. The determining factor was that the flight was same day or within hours of the international flight.

There are other ways in which one can save on airfare costs, obtain free upgrades, and the above guide explains many of these to you.

Wow!!!! IF I had only known sooner.

Now if you are a multi millionaire and smoke cigars and light them with hundred dollar bills this may not mean much to you, but if you are hard working individual who has saved up for a nice vacation, or retirement and wants to get "best value" for one's hard earned savings, then consider becoming a retire-on-550 client if you are planning on retiring to Chiang Mai area or investing in an ebook that will open your eyes and you will realize why some of your friends take more and grander vacations than you.

Airfare savings for Everyone!!

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