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Face Lift:

Face lift procedures have now become one of the most common and requested cosmetic procedures.

These procedures are also referred to as a rhytidectomy, the procedure involves tightening of skin on the face and can be done in conjunction with nost reshaping (rhinoplasty) or eye lifts (blepharoplasty).

A standard face lift procedure involves incisions behind each ear. The skin is separated from the tissues and pulled tighter across the cheek bones. Excess skin at the incision point is cut away before the wounds are closed, often with stitches.

The procedures are performed with patients under general anesthetic, and operations can take between 3 and 6 hours. A full healing may require 2 to 4 months.

One should plan on a 1 to 2 month visit to Thailand for the procedure which allows for healing and some vacation fun and allows one to return home with few if any indications of a cosmetic procedure other than the intended result.

We have written to, emailed and visited hair transplant and facelift clinics in Chiang Mai and has spoken to physicians who perform these procedures here in Chiang Mai.

Nose Reshaping:

A nose reshaping is commonly referred to as rhinoplasty. The cosmetic procedure is designed to improve one's appearance and is also used for burn victims, car accident victims, and other reasons.

Patinets can often select the nose one wants after the procedure be it longer or shorter or straighter. And while under a local or general anesthetic the nose is reshaped. Bond is separated from cartilage and the tip is reshaped and even implants added in the case of short noses that require lengthening.

The recovery period is about 2 weeks during which one should not get overexposed to the sun's rays, be careful with washing or cleaning or blowing of one's nose. Scarring is minimal and often unoticeable.

Breast Enahncement:

As women age the appearance of their breasts changes. Their breasts are not as firm as in their younger years and sag.

Breast enhancement reshapes the breasts and can markedly improve the look and shape of a woman's breasts.

These are common day procedures that are performed under general anesthesia and the surgeon will discuss size and shape and appearance with the patient in advance in order to achieve the desired results.

Following breast enhancement surgery the woman will be required to wear a surgical bra for several days.

Some swelling and soreness is to be expected but after the stitches are removed in a few weeks time one can see a marked improvement in breast appearance that will have one looking forward to putting on a bathing suit and clothing which will show off her new found appearance.


Liposuction is a common form of cosmetic surgery which removes excess fat. Excess fat built up due to lack of diet or exercise or hereditary condition. Procedures are mainly around the lower abdomen and thighs.

This cosmetic surgery produces the desired effect when one has so called lovehandles and only requires a modest amount of surgery. And where liposuction is performed on patients believing to be obese or requiring more intensive liposuction the results are often satisfactory to the patients but can leave excess skin.

Excess skin after the procedure is completed and healed can be removed but scars occur and some patients go from liposuction to excess skin removal to scar reduction and that is where the costs start to add up.

In our view we recommend our clients to lose some weight and to get into a regular exercise routine first. And then consider liposuction. The advantage is that the diet and exercise may produce the desired results and if not then the patient can still go ahead with the liposuction but at least be in better physical condition before the contemplated procedure.

Result of liposuction cosmetic procedures vary from good to fantastic based on our research and reviews.

Different types of liposuction procedures are available, and generally the procedure involves the removal of excess fat under general anesthetic by making an incision in the target area before introducing a saline solution to loosen fat cells. The fat is then sucked out and most of us have seen this performed on tv programs which we have watched.

Liposuction can also be performed utilizing a laser. Fat cells are melted and loosened with a laser before removal. After the procedure, natural drainage may be selected instead of stitching up the small incision.

This is generally a safe procedure which procedures good results and in Thailand the cost is very affordable. Once can vacation here and have the procedure and then return home with a new sense of confidence about their appearance.

Scar Reduction and Removal:

Body scars may be the result of accidents, injuries or even surgery. Many people dislike having the scars and look at ways to have them removed. Where scars cannot be removed the option is scar reduction making the scar smaller or less visible.

Even obesity surgery can result in scars and many women opt for scar reduction so that they can wear a bikini or swimwear without fear.

Hair Transplants:

Men and women both experience hair loss. The major reason for male baldness is male pattern baldness. Blame our parents and grandparents and our genes. In the case of females, pattern baldness can be attributed to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, and other factors.

During our life every day we lose hairs from our head and when fallout exceeds new growth baldness starts. While some men opt for hairpieces and with good results the problem seems to be constant care of hairpieces, ongoing costs of maintenance and new hairpieces and someone with a restored head of hair by way of a hair transplant will feel more confident about their appearance versus someone who opted for the hairpiece. One person's opinion.

A hair transplant procedure takes hair from the back or the sides of the head (donor areas) to transplant the the bald or thinning areas (recipient areas). As the hair follicles are alive and from your own head, once they are transplanted they will continue to grow for the rest of your lifetime.

The procedure varies in cost and time to complete based on amount of thinning or hair loss and desired effect that client expects.

And the surgery can be performed in a hospital or in a clinic. Procedures usually last a few hours and may require a number of return trips to get the final and desired result.

Following the procedures one may have to wear a head bandage, and may have to be alter their normal sleeping positions. Pain medication is provided for the first few days after the procedure and within a week one can resume most of one's normal activities including physical exercise and swimming.

And where the procedure is successful clients will look and feel younger and feel better about themselves. This leads to them to have more self confidence and even improved job and business results.

Our Recommended Accommodations:

Our clients have included foreigners who visit Chiang Mai for specific medical procedures and call upon us to make the arrangements from scheduling appointments with surgeons, recommending the best providers, and having accommodations in place that is much larger and better than hotel accommodations for a fraction of the price.

We specialize in accommodations for clients who are here for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Large studio condo offers privacy, room service, wifi, cable tv, kitchenette, pool, fitness, convenience store and restaurants on site.
Large studio condo offers privacy, room service, wifi, cable tv, kitchenette, pool, fitness, convenience store and restaurants on site.

Gorgeous spacious 91 sq. m. 1br 2 bath luxury condo, western style kitchen and oval bathtub
Gorgeous spacious 91 sq. m. 1br 2 bath luxury condo, western style kitchen and oval bathtub

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if you also want to save money on cosmetic procedures, save money on dental procedures, save money on medical procedures. We will schedule consulatations, provide quotes, arrange quality accommodations and even offer tours by way of our sister tours site.

A full medical service that will save you money and get you the appearance results and health care results you require.

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