Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Well we covered briefly how to get a Free Vacation in Thailand. That being by coming here for surgery be it hair transplant, facelift, liposuction, dental treatment or other types of cosmetic surgery.

After surgery is performed here and while you recover you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Chiang Mai, Thailands second largest city.

After all is said and done you will have a great vacation and money left over from what you would have paid to have the work done in your home country.

Hundreds of thousands of people wanting and needing to improve their appearance have come to Thailand for sugery and as surgery patients they receive the best care and treatment and recover in a country where everything costs less including the surgery procedures and after surgery they can enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world.

I personally have met with a DR Sugery who does hair transplants. He did not give me the cost of his treatment/surgery nor did I ask. I am sure that you would have that information quoted to you and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Recently I met with another cosmetic DR who does what they refer to as a "Sunglass Facelift". This technique is now recommended by the International Congress. It is a harmless facelift to correct the central lateral and middle underlying portions of sagging facial muscles, ie. wringkles, bagging, crows feet, jowly cheecks, ugly folds, cat beards, and drooping sad-look of the lips.

The "Sunglass Technique" will immediately transform your appearance to be alert and youthful.

Cosmetic plastic surgeons in Thailand are plentiful and highly trained. Whether you need scar surgery, laser cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, hair transplant surgery, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery procedures, you should seriously consider clinics in Thailand for the procedures.

These days appearance matters. People want to see attractive people selling products on T.V. and performing in movies and they themselves feel better and perform better when they envision themselves looking better.

Just imagine what you would look like with some corrective surgery. Now how would you feel if you looked like that? FANTASTIC, you could take on the world.
Many finely trained doctors and surgeons reside here in Chiang Mai and they have built very successful practises. Medical tourism is popular here in Chiang Mai with the cost of cosmetic surgery and procedures lower in total cost as compared to other providers in Thailand.

Accommodations are lower in price compared to Bangkok and easier to get around town here with more many places to visit and things to do including shopping bargains.

If someone did a special on T.V. and showed some before and afters and revealed the cost of the surgery then people would flock here.

Often people think they cannot afford to have the surgery done. Sometimes it is that and sometimes it is that they would feel ackward after the surgery ie. hair transplant.

I would say forget about what people think. After the procedure your friends will want the same procedure.

Click on the above banner if you want more information or even a quote for a procedure. We highly recommend this service as it takes the quesswork out of locating the best hospital and clinic and they offer accommodations that are larger and much nicer than hotel rooms for a fraction of the price. After your procedure take in part day or full day group or even private tours and enjoy all that beautiful Chaing Mai has to offer.
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Please note that we DO NOT RECOMMEND the doctor who performs the "Sunglass Facelift" as his office incapable of responding to emails and that is the bloodline of communications these days.

He calls his technigue "Sunglass Facelift" as you can wear your sunglasses afterwards and no one will notice that you have had any surgery done.

Now after talking to him I understand that within a week you could return home but why do that when you can have a great vacation here and an affordable vacation becomes downright cheap when you stay a month.

Some of the other cosmetic surgery takes longer ie. dental implant. So take your time, enjoy your stay in one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of S.E. Asia, and Chiang Mai's second largest city. Only one hour north of Bangkok by plane at only $70 U.S. return.

As part of our Retirement Services we show our clients some of the health care facilities in Chiang Mai. We visit a hospital, a clinic (large and small) and allow the client the opportunity to view the type of facilities that are available should an emergency or small ailment need prompt attention.

Chiangmai Group Tours is the tour operator that we recommend and to whom we send our website visitors that are interested in tours. The reason I mention this is because this is the only tour operator that will go to the trouble of creating tour packages and itineraries for individuals here for cosmetic surgery.

They consult with the medical clinic as to what is allowed before cosmetic surgery and after cosmetic surgery when the patients are in recovery and design activities that are safe, fun and authorized by the medical clinic.

After cosmetic surgery whether it be cosmetic face life, liposuction, hair transplant or other the patients have time on their hands and they want to see the sights. Tour packages are designed which allow the individuals to enjoy themselves and yet feel comfortable, doing what the health clinic that performed the procedure has authorized as being perfectly safe.

Following cosmetic surgery some people may not be able to walk long distances, some people may not want to expose their head to long periods of sunlight, some people may be unable to use a swimming pool, some people may want a private tour where they have fun and do not show themselves until their procedure has completely healed.

For these patients we offer a condo with more quiet, more space, more amenities such as kitchenette, microwave, DVD, free movies, hi speed internet, private balcony so that they can be more at home and comfortable as compared to a standared hotel room.

For these patients we offer private transportation, delivery of Thai meals to them at their residence, and even outcall massage which is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Look good, feel good, and be more confident and successful.

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