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This is what I view as the one of the best features of living here.

Just imagine going to a 7-11 convenience store and buying a can of Coke, a package of Clorets, a bottle of water, a Nestles ice-cream and many more items for a quarter of the price you are accustomed to paying in North America or less.

Just imagine going to one of the finer restaurants and selecting two large bowls of soup with shrimp, chicken or beef, then ordering 2 delicious dishes, topping it off with a decadent dessert for each of you, and during the meal enjoying a chilled Singha beer and perhaps a mixed drink for your spouse/date and listening to music that you enjoy.

Imagine yourself in this outdoor restaurant in the evening with your spouse/date. As the time nears to head back to your hotel you ask for the check and to your amazement the total with taxes and tip is less than $20 US dollars.

Better yet go to a Thai restaurant that is popular with the locals. A large, clean restaurant and select dishes that are already cooked and which you see through a glass partition.

Start things off with a delicious large bowl of soup which may be identical to that served to you in a more expensive restaurant, select a cooked dish to your liking with bottled water and ice-cream for dessert and get a check for $8 US for the two of you. You may find that the large bowl of soup alone is enough to fill you up.

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Food Market Fresh vegetables
Food Market Pineapples 5 for $1
Food Market Watermelon $.50/kilo
Food Market Oranges $.55/kilo

The hundreds of hours of research on the internet that I did prior to moving to Chiang Mai did reveal some of the costs of living here but it did not reveal that there are at times two prices.

One for foreigners (farangs) and one for Thai’s. In some cases you have to pay the farang price and in some cases you do not. We will show you how best to deal with the two price system in Thailand.

This is another reason why for the single, heterosexual males it is a good idea to have a Thai g/f as she will get you the best price from transportation, groceries, and even household items such as furniture.

If you are a farang couple and retiring here then trust your maid or Thai friends to advise you on the best places to shop.

If you are not extremely picky then these are the costs of living here on a monthly basis (Updated: Dec/2017)

Fully furnished apartment as described above $200
3 meals daily including snacks of fresh fruits $168
travel by motorcycle with sidecar (touk touk) or red taxi usage approximated at 8 times a month $25
dinner with entertainment outings with some alcohol usage approximated at 6 times a month $66
snooker or 8 ball weekly and swimming bi-weekly $20
movie at the mall twice monthly plus movie 8 movie rentals $20
laundry $22
miscellaneous - telephone, toiletries, internet, etc. $29
Total $550

So there you have it.
A single person can live here comfortably on $550 US a month.

For two people the amount will increase by $128 for food, $66 for dinner/entertainment outings, $8 swimming, mall movie theatre add $8, and laundry and miscellaneous add $60 for a total of $820 monthly.

If you want pay as you go on health care the costs are low and the services vary according to whether you want normal or special care.

A dental cleaning may be between $70 to $200 in North America and only $5-10 here. Or you can go ahead and sign up for a health care plan.

It is up to you. You can live here on $550 a month for a single person or thousands of dollars a month.

In truth you can live here comfortably on the lower amount.

You can live in a nice condo complex, go to the malls, shop at the famous Night Bazaar, rent and buy movies, play sports, eat meals where both the foreigners and local people dine.

You can attend the rose, food, flower and 17 other festivals held in the city during the year and let us not forget about the ever popular Songkran water festival, and also visit the many sights in and around Chiang Mai.

You may find yourself enjoying yourself, doing the things you want to do and becoming more physically fit all on a fraction of which you were spending back home.

But remember .. "You have to know How to Live here on less" and that does not mean giving up anything but simply knowing How to spend your money properly.

There are "young" single men who have said on ThaiVisa forums that they cannot live here on less than $2,000 US a month and there are retiree's living with Thai girlfriends that say they have lived here for years on about $440 US a month (less than our $820 estimate) and are most happy.

And if you think you will learn how to live here on less by yourself then Good Luck.

We show our clients how to live here for less and how to find a nice Thai g/f or b/f and how to settle in quickly and happily.

We can cite many examples and here are a few..

Most non-clients who find accommodations on their own will spend 15-20,000 Thai baht a month on their accommodations and that includes power, water, cable tv, and internet.

We have located and recommended accommodations for our clients such as ...

1 bedroom fully furnished bungalow for 5,000 baht a month in the city and spacious 1 bedroom furnished condo with swimming pool for 5,500 baht month.

Our clients would never have located these accommodations on their own and both are still living in the accommodations we recommended and do not want to move.

Neither the condo or bungalow is listed on any website and the people we contacted that manage the properties speak limited English.

One day we were with a new client and noticed an accommodations client drive by on his motorbike. He stopped to say hello and we asked where he was coming from? He said Big C from which he purchased 6 large bottled water for about 52 baht.

Now this gentleman was an accommodations client and not a retire client. We located accommodations for him which he was very happy with but he did not utilize our other services.

We asked him when he pulled over..

Do you know what this is next to me?

He replied, No!

We explained to him that it was a water machine and that the water is safe for cooking and drinking and he could have filled up all the containers he purchased for about 6 baht instead of spending 52 baht. Also the water machine was only 1 block from his accommodations.

As to the condo we recommended for 5500 baht/month..

our Retire-on-550 client told us he found accommodations on his own.

He told us that he found an ideal condo at 20k a month and it was perfect!!!

Now 4 months later he contacted us and told us he wanted to move and if we could help him find someone to takeover his rental contract as he did not want to lose 2 months security deposit for not living up to the rental contract. Turns out the condo was on the top floor and very hot and costly to cool and also very noisy with the condo next to his being renovated.

We found a young gentleman living in Chiang Mai to takeover his rental contract even though we were not the agents and had never viewed the condo nor had we recommended it to him.

Now after we found someone to takeover his rental contract he told us he found a new place to live.. a small studio of 41 sq m for 13,000 baht a month. And it turns out that too noisy at that condo complex as well and after 5 months he wanted out again.

To make a long story short..
the Retire client finally went with us to accommodations we would recommend and booked it the same day he viewed it. It was 2 x the size of his 41 sq m 14,000 baht/month studio that did not have a pool and he rented it for 1 year for less than 7,000 baht/month with estimated cable tv, power and internet included.

A Savings of 72,000 Thai baht a year and for a condo that was twice as large as his previous one and a condo complex that had a swimming pool.

He is still living there to this day.

There are many examples we could cite which would show you that one can come here after doing research and spend 25k a month to live here and by following our cost of living in Chiang Mai "Tips and Recommendations" that they could reduce that cost by 10k a month or more.

The annual savings would be 120,000 Thai baht or more and well exceeding our Bronze Retire fee of 14,000 Thai baht.

But up to you to decide if you want to use our services.

And we also advise on visa, transportation, Thai girlfriends and will all the topics the savings would be substantial and also enable our clients to find a Thai girlfriend faster and settle in sooner in comparison to doing it without our advice.

For those people who are contemplating retirement here and concerned that they will not see their children or grandchildren we would suggest prepaid phone cards, sending pictures and messages over the internet which again is a fraction of the price you would pay back home or better yet have them visit you here in Thailand.

The grandchildren will love the Chiang Mai Zoo, the swimming pools, and elephant trekking, hot springs while your children may find the Night Bazaar with it‘s variety of inexpensive crafts and merchandise, the gem factory, the local malls more to their liking.

Young and old alike will enjoy attending the festivals, sampling the delicious and fresh Thai food, visiting the Buddhist temples and riding through town in the open aired taxi or a motorcycle with sidecar “touk touk”.

With only a portion of the money you are saving by living here in Chiang Mai you can go back home on regular visits and also pay for your grandchildren/children to vacation here. A wise retirement decision on your part and a unforgettable vacation for them.

The "Cost of Living" cost spreadsheet was developed to show that one can live here on $550 US a month. And if one wanted to one could live in Chiang Mai for less. But most of our clients want larger and fancier accommodations, often with pool and fitness and they want to spend more on meals and entertainment so their total cost of living per month often rises to $1,000 US a month. This is the typical amount that most of our clients spends per month.

IF one is into going to bars 3 times a week and bar fining and drinking to excess and spending heavily on girlfriends then obviously the cost of living could be much higher.

Most of our clients have been there and done that as to the bar scene and that is in their words. They want a laid back comfortable lifestyle with Western sports and dependable and fast internet, and a safe place to live.

The "KEYS" to living costs here are first Accommodations which can vary from:

$120 US/month (3,900 baht/month) for budget apartment and that total includes estimated water and power as well as cable tv and hi speed internet and air conditioned with western toilet and hot shower.
$200 US a month for a furnished bungalow or economy condo with internet and cable tv included and with aircon.
$600 US amonth for an executive studio condo or 1-2 bedroom executive condo for about $ 600 US a month for everything including water, power, cable tv, condo fee and even internet.

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The following pages will provide you with information dealing with all types of accommodations and even listing properties for rent and sale.


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The second key to living costs here for the eligible heterosexual male retiree is to find a nice Thai girlfriend as you may help her and her family out for 8-10k baht a month average for medical, schooling of child(ren) and food for her but in return she will save you on meals, and many other living costs where she can bargain or knows how to get a better price than a English speaking farang.

We deal with the topics of finding a Thai g/f and related topics suchs as relationships with Thai ladies on the following pages:

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The final point we want our website visitors to understand and it is an important one has to do with having more money for your retirement.

Not everyone has a large pension and not everyone has a large nest egg in the way of savings. And yet we all want to live comfortably and not have to work when we reach retirement age. And when I see retiree's working at WalMart greeting people at the entrance or working at McDonalds flipping hamburgs and reporting to a teenager with a college degree it makes me sick. Is that what you envisioned your Retirement Life would be like?

If you have concerns about your having adequate finances to retire then we deal with that as well. Everyone now has a computer and internet access and interest/knowledge in some topic. And everyone can earn money from the internet.

One way is to build a website which can be done quickly and for less than $1,000 US (and that is for a Good Website that will get results). And a Good Website would give you something to do in your spare time and generate income be it from customers or from Affiliate earnings or from Google Adsense. We deal with this topic on the following pages.

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