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 travel in chiang mai thailand
 travel in chiang mai thailand
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A concierge service for: 

* the busy professional, 
* for the gentleman who wants nightlife but are not into the bar scene, 
* for the physically challenged individual who may need some assistance in gettting around town on their own, 
* for visitors who speak Chinese, 

We will suggest the lady that best fits your needs. 

A doctor client from Hawaii suggested we start this service. Hotel concierge service did not supply what he wanted and he was a busy professional with a full itinerary. 

To book the ladies services a deposit of 50% is required and can be sent to us via Western Union. Western Union is fast and secure and can be applied on most credit cards. 

Once we receive notice of receipt of your deposit we will book the most appropriate lady and confirm the booking via email. After that just phone us or email us with your room number and your personal concierge will be at your hotel waiting for you at the scheduled time. 


A/ We offer a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. package where our lady will join you for breakfast if you prefer to chat before you leave, then accompany you for the day and help with translations. 

We will cover the cost of an All You can Buffet luncheon in a nice riverside seating where the food is delicous, and the service is impeccable. 

Our fee: 1,800 baht (non-sexual service)
Deposit of 50% required when booking 

B/ We offer a 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. package where our lady will join you for breakfast if you prefer to chat before you leave, then accompany you for the day and help with translations. 

We will cover the cost of buffet dinner at Kalare Night Bazaar which features Thai music and dancing performances in the evening, and transportation. 

Kalare Night Bazaar is in the heart of the popular shopping district where thousands of items are on sale at prices which are negotiable and of very good quality.

Our fee: 3,800 baht (non-sexual service)
Deposit of 50% required when booking

You decide what you want to do and where you want to go during the day. If you require transportation via auto or tuk tuk we can arrange to have transportation to be on hand and waiting for you as you arrive for lunch, finish lunch or wherever you may be. 

So rather than spend several thousand baht at local bars for your drinks and lady drinks and dine and shop by yourself here is the wonderful alternative which many of our busy visitors and single gentlemen select. 

A charming Thai lady to enjoy the full day with whether it be until 5 p.m. or if you prefer for dinner where we offer Chinese, Thai, Western, Buffet cuisine and the company of an attractive Thai lady during your meals and as company during your entire day including the evening where you can take in Chiang Mai's best nightlife entertainment. 

Sitting alone in a nightclub listening to music alone dining alone in a restaurant or experiencing beautiful Chiang Mai with a Thai lady who speaks English or Chinese. The choice is yours. This is a vibrant city with many things to do. 

Entertainment at some of Chiang Mai's most popular nightspots which feature jazz, R&B, blues, current day hits often starts at 9 p.m -10 p.m. 

We have a limited amount of ladies so if you are interested do not wait until the last moment to make your booking. 

Deposit can be made by either Western Union or MoneyGram 
or by bank transfer: 

Western Union - simply click on this link 

then select "Country" you are from at top right 

then select from either "Online, At a Location or by Phone" 

and we recommend using their "Money in Minutes" service 
for sending funds to Thailand . 

Forward to : 

* we will provide name of person to send to *

and them simply email us name and country of sender and the MTCN # you are given by Western Union. 
you can select economy service and fee is bit less and funds are received in 3-5 days. 

Forward to: 

* we will provide name of person to send to *

When the transaction is completed you will receive Transaction # from MoneyGram and you simply email that number to us, with name and country of sender. 

With Western Union and MoneyGram the deposit forwarded to us can be applied against a credit card online from home or office and is safe and secure. Keep in mind that Western Union or MoneyGram fee is the responsibility of the sender. 

Our charming ladies will make your stay in Chiang Mai a more memorable one. 

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