Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

There are many ways in which our retire clients, and our website visitors can save money on their living costs. It is all a matter of knowing how.

You can live here on $400 US a month happily and comfortably or you can live here on $3,000 US a month and unhappily.

Retire-on-550 clients are told how to save thousands of dollars on their living costs when they come here to retire. Not a single website has mentioned these cost savings and yet there it is available for everyone who comes here to retire and follows our tips and advice.

No gimmicks, no maybe's or if's. You will save hundreds of dollars per person on your next airfare, hundreds to thousands of dollars on your accommodations, and thousands of dollars on your day to day living costs.

We discovered this savings over 7 years ago and in all the research we have done since that time not a single website has mentioned the airfare saving to it's readers, or the accommodations savings, or how to reduce one's living costs yet live comfortably.

Here are a some actual examples of savings in day to day living costs available to retiree's.
A separate page was devoted to reducing your airfare costs which is not only on your airfare to Chiang Mai but should you decide to return home for a visit or take a vacation in a nearby country such as Philippines while you are retired here.

A separate page was devoted to accommodations costs while you visit Chiang Mai or should you retire to Chiang Mai.

Other living costs where one can save and save big are:
We see non retire clients buying water and returning to their accommodations carrying the bulky heavy water containers from grocery stores.

Our recommendation:
buy from a water machine and there are hundreds of these throughout Chiang Mai and save over 90% over the cost of buying bottled water.. savings per year 4,000 to 8,000 Thai baht
We see non clients buy pop.

Our recommendation:
Buy large 3.2 litre Orange or Coke but no name. We pour from large container into small 300 and 350 ml. empty bottles and save 75% and we cannot tell the difference from no name brand and Coke, Pepsi, or other Orange pop producer. Can you?
Savings per year varies and for us it amounts to 7,500 baht per year.

We see non retire cleints buy meat and vegetables and fruits at local grocery stores.
Our recommendation: Buy all your meat, vegetables, fruits at the nearest "fresh market".

The food you buy is much fresher and on average 30-40% lower in price and for a couple the savings amount to approximately 20-30,000 baht a year and you are getting much fresher.
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Meals are one of the largest components of cost of living
Airfare savings
Accommodations can be largest or second largest cost of living component

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