Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Non retire clients love to visit the bars and even asking for advice from patrons. 

Our recommendation:
If your are asking someone at a bar about how to find a Thai girlfriend he is likely the last person you should be asking for if he had a nice Thai girlfriend he would likely not be in the bar in the first place. 

If you want to talk to a "loser" and we will not mince our words and tell it the way we see it, then talk to the bar regular. He is likely without a Thai girlfriend, probably had his share of short term companions but not one who could tolerate his attitude and behaviour. 

He will complain about life in Chiang Mai for he is unhappy and spending too much. Of course he will not tell you this initially but tell you that being "single" is the way he prefers it. 

Later after putting down more beers you will learn that he has had some Thai girlfriends and cheated on each one and that he has a temper, and cannot control his drinking. 

If you want to find out how to find a nice Thai girlfriend ask the person who has a nice one and not the person who cannot hold on to one. 

Non retire clients jump at the first Thai girl they meet. The man is in his 50's or 60's or older and any Thai lady in her 20' or 30's would be of interest when he first gets off the plane as he certainly would not be able to find a similar girlfriend in his home country.

By jumping at the first Thai girl they meet, they overspend, and do not find the best Thai girl for themselves. There are exceptions but we say this after years of observation. 

Our recommendation:
Attractive Thai girls or ladies or women are plentiful here. If you want a drop dead gorgeous 18 year old model you can have that but be prepared to pay handsomely. If you a cute or attractive, and sincere Thai girlfriend or wife you can have that and the cost is reasonable if you know what you are doing. 

And most of our clients and non clients do not have a clue about how to handle a Thai girlfriend. If you are the exception then our hat's off to you but again we tell it like we see it. 

Meet some Thai girls or ladies and we can tell you where and how to go about it. Date some of them and we explain this process to you. And when you find the one that you like and you know that she is sincere then we will explain how to handle that as well. 

If you follow our tips and advice you will do much better than had you proceeded on your own. And we will put our money where our mouth is on this one if you like. 

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