Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
Once or twice a year we come across not a good deal but a "Great Deal".

We found a new hotel that no one knew about and they needed to get more hotel guests to stay there and hopefully like it there and return. So they put on a special promotion for 3 months of $10 US a night.

                                             Good deal? No. Great Deal, Yes!!

The hotel is new, has a nice pool, restaurant, coffee shop, massage, internet with transportation at the doorstep and courteous attentive staff. I have stayed in the hotel and loved it. All our clients who have stayed there want us to re-book there on their return visits.

We have a low rise condo being built. It was to be finished in 3 months and an owner of one of the units asked us to find a buyer. He split up with Thai g/f and wanted to hit the bars in Pattaya with his friends. He is 66 years old. He bought it for 1.4 M baht and told us to sell at 1.1 M baht.

                                                       Good deal? No, Great Deal, Yes!!

Now we have come across another Great Deal.
The Biggest and Best Deal So Far
Luxury "One of a Kind" Custom House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

4 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom, swimming pool, spa and fountains, on 1/2 Rai of land. Asking price is 12.5 M. baht or about $ 346 k U.S.
- we will show you how to buy it "For Less" - "MUCH LESS"

The house is the best furnished and equipped luxury house that we have seen in all of Chiang Mai. The location is excellent. And it comes with 2 bonuses with are the icing on the cake..

Bonus #1 -

The house comes with a Thai registered company and that enables you to own the house by way of your company.

Bonus # 2 -

The house comes with 2 websites and combined with the Thai registered company it allows you to work in your spare time or full time, whichever you prefer and "Generate a Steady Income".

So a luxury house.. The Best in Chiang Mai.. A registered Thai company by which to own the house and work part time and your opportunity to work and earn income.

So in our books this is the best value we have seen this year and buyers recognize great deals and that is why this house will sell quickly.

Impress your family and friends, entertain business clients and even have them stayover.

It just doesn't get any better than this unless you have the money that Bill Gates has and can buy your own private island.

 finding wife in thailand
Spacious 4 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom luxury house
built on 1/2 rai in exclusive housing complex
 home of the Angkor temples
private pool with spa and fountains in comfortable setting
with large portable barbeque ... take in pool during the day
and ideal spot to entertain in evenings.
 travel in chiang mai thailand
Large dining room table capable of seating 8 comfortably
and as you can see it has been professionaly decorated
 heart of Siem Reap town
Antique Louis XIV desk and colorful stained glass windows

Other noteworthy features :

  • 12 Crystal Imported Chandeliers
  • Imported Fine Luxury Curtains and Wallpaper
  • Handmade Gold Leaf Curtain Rods with Elephant and Lion Design
  • Antique American Upright Piano
  • Carport for 3 cars
  • Automatic Front Gate
  • 6 Sky Lights
  • 4 Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units
  • 2 Full sized stainless steel & titanium digital refrigerators
  • 7 LCD TVs, home theatre all newest technology, UBC, Satellite, ADSL
  • Smoke detectors and State of the Art Alarm Security System
  • Top of the line digital exercising equipment
  • Top of the line digital washer/dryer Imported BBQ gas grill
  • Master bedroom with ensuite jacuzzi tub
  • House registered as Thai company/chanote title deed and comes with a business and two websites
The selling price is 12.5 m. baht ($346 k U.S.) - we will show you how to buy it "For Less"

Bonuses - Incl. Thai registered company with 2 websites

Best Location - Best re-sale value - Best Equipped

Located near Chiang Mai, Thailand, second largest city in Thailand and home to over 17,000 retiree's from around the globe .

1 hr. flight north of Bangkok to cooler, friendlier Chiang Mai, "The Rose of the North".

to check on availability or if you have any questions

Visit Chiang Mai, the most popular retirement destination in all of Thailand and S.E. Asia and view the house and enjoy a vacation.

We will arrange your accommodations and tours and provide transportation to/from this marvellous
luxury home.

 accommodation chiang mai chiang rai thailand accommodation chiang mai chiang rai thailand

If you have the money and want space and luxury and want to impress your family, friends and business associates then this is it.

I had a friend living in Scottsdale, Arizona living in an upscale condo and paying the equivelent of 76k baht a month for rental and condo fees. Do you think he would pay 4k baht or $100 US a month more to live here?

Another friend owned a condo in Toronto in a lakeside location and was asking 790k Cdn. and his monthly condo fee was $800 Cdn. If I compare his condo which was extremely nice to this house it is like comparing a McDonalds hamburg to a fine cut of steak. No comparison.

If you are looking for a classy place to live in retirement and have the means then this is it.

The price of this house is a bargain and add in the Thai registered company and 2 profitable websites then it is without question "Our Best Deal of the Year".
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