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Hip Replacement Surgery :

One of the major reasons for Hip Replacement Surgery is Arthritis of the hip. Pain, and limited motion lead people to this surgical procedure as a means of getting them more active and pain free.

The procedure involves up to two hours during which the surgeon will remove the damaged or diseased portion of the hipbone replacing it with an artificial hip joint.

Physical therapy commences immediately following surgery and continues at home for up to one year.

Eye Surgery (Opthamology):

Eye surgery can improve one's vision, treat diseases of the eye like glaucoma and cataracts and even adjust tracking. The procedures are specialized and required state of the art facilities and techniques in order to maximize results.

Cataract surgery is a very common form of eye surgery and cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss in adults age 55 and older and the leading cause of blindness. At age 65 it is estimated that half of the human population has a cataract. Fortunately cataracts are highly treatable, and with recent advances in cataract surgery procedures more people are getting full restoration of their vision.

Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens inside the eye which is normally clear. The most common form of cataracts is age related and we are often unaware that we have cataracts as our vision is impaired gradually.

Advances in refractive eye surgery enable specialists to correct common eye disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Although refractive eye surgery has been done for many years, during the past few decades significant advancements with the development of refined techniques and the emergence of laser vision surgery have substantially increased the success rate and effectiveness of this type of surgery, and thus more and more in demand in terms of medical tourism.

Glaucoma is a disease in which the optic nerve is damaged. It can lead to progressive, irreversible loss of vision. Often it is associated with increased pressure of the fluid in the eye. Intraocular pressure can be lowered with medication, usually eye drops.

If surgery is required both conventional surgery and also laser surgery are available treatment options.

Medical advances combined with low procedure costs are making these procedures accessible to many more patients.

Gender Reassignment:

Be it male to female or female to male gender reassignment is a procedure that seeks to change the gender of an individual. Thailand is the most popular place in the world for these types of procedures.

People who undergo this treatment feel that their new physical gender better represents their psychological makeup.

The treatments involve hormone replacement therapy and/or plastic surgery.

Lengthy consultations may initially be required with a psychologist before one can proceed to required operations, and in Thailand this is a more straightforward process.

In the case of hormone replacement treatments it may result in growth of facial hair, and breast development.

Gender reassignment procedures can be a lengthy process and including consultations before and after, hormone treatment and surgery. IF you are contemplating these procedures allow yourself an extended period for recovery.

Obesity Surgery:

Obesity is increasing throughout the world and brings with it major health related problems. This can include heart disease, diabetes, many types of cancer, as well as other health problems.

The treatment for overweight and obese individuals is diet, exercise and drugs. The treatment for severe obesity will include bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is beneficial to patients who require greater weight loss and perhaps where traditional treatments have not produced the desired results.

In Chiang Mai cost savings of up to 70% are common versus similar procedures performed overseas.

Obesity surgery procedures offered are bariatric surgery, gastric banding, gastric bypass and lap band surgery.

Weight loss medication produces less dramatic results it does produce results. The disadvantage appears to be the fact that weight loss is difficult to maintain after medication ceases.

Orthopedic Surgery:

Orthopedic surgery is meant to deal with ailments ranging from arthritis and congenital deformities and patients undergo orthopedic surgery to correct problems with knees, hips and shoulders to treat other bones.

Technologies have improved enabling surgeons to perform surgeries with less invasive procedures, with operations requiring short recoveries and even new procedures for replacements and transplants.

Joint replacement surgery which is often referred to as arthroplasty is a common medical tourism procedure. Synthetic materials are used to replace aging or damaged hips or knees. Professional atheletes at times return to play their sports after their procedures
Pain and restricted movement are the most common reasons patients decide on taking the procedures.

Chiang Mai is an excellent place to recover and save money over and beyond the cost of the procedures.

Hospitals and clinics in Thailand and in Chiang Mai as well prepared to handle patients for these procedures.

Heart Bypass Surgery:

Heart Bypass surgery is recommended for some patients when the arteries sending blood to the heart become clogged or or clogged reducing or preventing some blood flow to the heart. Cardiologists bypass the impaired artery connecting to the aorta to allow blood to pump freely around the body.

The blocked coronary arteries are bypassed by a blood vessel graft prepared from the patient's own arteries and veins located in the chest, arm or leg.

The procedure can be done while the patient is on an artificial blood pumping system with the heart stopped or with the heart in operation.

After the procedure patients often resume their normal lifestyle.

In Chiang Mai the cost of these procedures is 15-25% of the cost in North American hospitals. With modern equipment, English speaking staff and excellent facilities one can see why medical tourism is growing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our Recommended Accommodations:

Our clients have included foreigners who visit Chiang Mai for specific medical procedures and call upon us to make the arrangements from scheduling appointments with surgeons, recommending the best providers, and having accommodations in place that is much larger and better than hotel accommodations for a fraction of the price.

We specialize in accommodations for clients who are here for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Large studio condo offers privacy, room service, wifi, cable tv, kitchenette, pool, fitness, convenience store and restaurants on site. Large studio condo offers privacy, room service, wifi, cable tv, kitchenette, pool, fitness, convenience store and restaurants on site.

Gorgeous spacious 91 sq. m. 1br 2 bath luxury condo, western style kitchen and oval bathtub
Gorgeous spacious 91 sq. m. 1br 2 bath luxury condo, western style kitchen and oval bathtub

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