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After I arrived in Chiang Mai I stayed at a hotel near the train station. When I wanted to go to the Night Bazaar area I asked the front desk how to get there and how much it would cost. 

The answer was to take the red taxi or tuk tuk and it would cost me 40 baht and 30 baht for them. Well I took a tuk tuk from across the street and we drove up one street and down another and I swear some of the streets were the same. 

He stopped off to buy firecrackers which took 10 minutes and then took me to the wrong destination. When we arrived there he asked for 200 baht. I told him 100 baht take it or leave it. He said NO. Well he got nothing. 

This is uncommon in Chiang Mai but yet it could happen to you. 

Hopefully this will not happen to you. 

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A way to avoid this and to avoid the "2 price" system here is to employ a licensed tour guide. 

They know how to get the best price for anything you may need or want. Tuk tuk or taxi drivers get a 500 - 800 baht commission when they are taken to certain Health Clubs. 

The commission is added to the amount you pay. If you are with one of our guides this will not happen. 

So for transportation, services, accommodations and meals the tour guides can be of help. In case you do not know already, there is a "2 price" system in Chiang Mai and Thailand. 

One price for the rich farang and the another price for the local Thai. When Wan and I stayed in Bangkok she was able to secure a room for 800 baht and the farang or foreigner rate was 1,200 baht. 

These tour guides will only show you around, but they will save you money, answer your questions, and also allow to do more in the time you are here. The tour guides can be for your exclusive use or employed for a group of up to 8 people. Obviously the more people in the group, the lower the price. 

If you are interested in an English speaking tour guide just e-mail us and we will provide you some contact details. 

Now the video is of a farang and several Thai ladies vistiing Samkampaeng Hot Springs and just so you get an idea of the things one can do there. 

These ladies are friends and not tour guides and we have charming female tour guides that would handle the tour to this popular destination.
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Free Vacation in Thailand

We all love things for Free. Even if we do not know what they are or even we will use them we want things for FREE.

Well you can have a FREE Vacation in Thailand.

What I have learned about living here is that the labor costs are very, very low in comparison to North America. I have already written about the cost of health care being one third to one quarter of the price I was accustomed to paying back home. Not only less expensive but many of the doctors and dentists have received their training overseas, most speak good English and the facilities are excellent and without the long waiting periods that you put up with.

So if you need some major dental work, cosmetic surgery, even a hair transplant, consider getting it done here. Get the teeth fixed, your operation performed here, liposuction, breast enhancement or hair transplant, get it done here at a fraction of the cost back home and after all is said and done you will have yourself looking good, feeling good, healthier, with fond memories of a vacation in a popular tourist destination and money left over in your pocket.

A thousand dollars U.S. approximately for your flight here return, stay here for a month or more in very comforable accommodations for only $300 U.S., we will show you where you can have a simply fantastic all you can eat buffet which includes sushi made on site, home made soup where you pick the ingridients, fresh salads, fish, meat, potatoes, noodles, spagetti, fantastic choice of desserts and the best coffee that I have ever had for only $2.50 U.S. after tip and taxes.

So contact us if you are interested and we will help you research the medical facilities that are available here and then if you want to proceed to help arrange one memorable and inexpensive vacation for you as an individual or as a couple. You will get back home a new person, feeling good and looking good.

So when your dentist gives you quote for a new bridge in the amount of $5,500 as they did me and smiles and says it is a good price. You smile back and tell him that you will taking a "Free Vacation to Thailand" and you will think about. I wish I had known this myself sooner as I would have had 3 "Free Vacations" by now.

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