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Here is our take on Retiring to Philippines versus Retiring to Thailand.

We have visited Philippines and stayed in Quezon City, Tagaytay and Borocay and we have lived Chiang Mai, Thailand for over years.

Philippines and Thailand are similar in terms of climate, friendly people, fruits and even construction of homes.

Both countries are situated in South East Asia and one has to put up with hot weather at times and a rainy season. Each has it's disadvantages and advantages and one person may prefer retiring to Thailand and another may prefer retiring to Philippinies.

The people in Thailand are smiling and cheerful and optimistic. Canada take note. Although the same can be said of the people in Philippines I find the people here in Chiang Mai and Thailand to be very honest, crime is non existant from what I have seen and we live without the barb wire which is common on top of the high walls separating the houses in Philippines. Less crime here from what I have seen, and far fewer people seen begging.

Pineapples are popular in Philippes as are bannanas of different sizes. Here near Chiang Mai they grow and make available more fresh fruits than anywhere I have ever seen and most of it is CHEAP and grown locally which means it is fresh.

The construction of the homes is similar in both countries. No basements which are common and needed in Canada, and built of cement which provides excellent soundproofing and patio's which I like to see even though I have not used often, and colorful paint from yellow, pink, blue.

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But the reason I find that our clients retire to the Thailand are not primarily due to Climate, Local Produce, Style of Homes or even Friendliness of Local Residents.

These are the reasons that our Retire clients give as being instrumental and deciding factors in selecting Thailand as their retirement destination and we have listed their reasons by in order of their importance to the retiree:

- Men in their 50's and 60's retiring but not wishing to live their retirement lives alone.

Thai women are not age conscious and treat their men who are faithful as men want to be treated. In North America and other countries appears that women have become more independant and that has created problems in their relationships. Here in Thailand most of the women are dependant on the man fiancially but in turn the man is dependant on the woman for loving, nursing, cost control, diet and companionship.

How would I compare women from Philippines vs. Thailand?

Well both are family oriented, both are honest, hard working and faithful. In my opinion Filipino ladies are more outspoken but other than that I do not see any noticeable qualities and both can make for fantastic companions, girlfriends and wives.

- Safety is of concern to everyone who is looking for a place to retire.

Thailand is much safer than Philippines from my observations and from my research. No barbed wires on walls (or very little), not as many high walls between properties, and I do not see people locking themselves into their homes (double locks) in Thailand. By far Thailand is safer in my opinion.

- Healthcare is another major concern.

In Chiang Mai and in Thailand I have personally observed prompt and good access to healthcare professionals and affordable treatments as well from medical to dental. Everyone I have spoken with who has had taken in medical or dental care has praised the quality and price of the treatments.

- Affordability is important to some and not as important to others.

In terms of affordability Thailand and in particular Chiang Mai is more affordable. You get more for your buck in terms of housing, and food which are the major costs of living here.

So if we review each category we see that Thailand is the winner and a clear winner. Where Thailand really fails and fails miserably is in making it easier for people to retire here.

Immigration offices seem to be run with different sets of rules and people wanting to come here cannot get a clear understanding of what is required.

Also why on earth does someone have to show 800k baht every year here if they own a condo for 4 Million baht? Doesn't make sense to me. Thailand is dependant upon tourism and also the retiree's who spend freely and help their Thai g/f's and her family. Take the retiree's out of the equation and it is a different scene here for many people who rely on the money the retiree spends here.

And why on earth can I not bring my music collection, family heirlooms, favorite print with me when I retire here instead of being liable for duties and taxes which exceed the value of the items.

Thailand is a great place to vacation and retire BUT the Thai Government has to step up to the plate and do more for the retiree's.

One person's opinion.

Photo's submitted by a nice gentleman we are corresponding with who appears interested in becoming a client. Thank you for the wonderful photo's of Cebu and Borocay.

I have visited Borocay and if you want the nicest beach that I have ever seen then go there .. you will love it. Crystal clear and gradually gets deeper.. very gradually. Great for children. If you want an island to yourself go in January after the tourists have left.

We have expanded our services to Cebu, Thailand. Chiang Mai is the most popular retirement destination in Thailand and Cebu is the most popular retirement destination in the Philippines.

Our new website provides information about Philippines and Cebu in particular and we will soon have staff on hand helping clients retire to Cebu providing visa advice, accommodations and more..

As the cost of flying to Philippines from Thailand is cheap we encourage our clients and website visitors to visit both countries and stay for a month and then deciding which they prefer best. It is harder to move when one has a long term rental contract, and bought household items.

Stay a month in accommodations that are similar to long term accommodations that you would reside in during your retirement and take in the Night Bazaar, Doi Suthep, beaches, nightlife and ladies and then decide.

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