Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

There are many ways in which our retire clients, and our website visitors can save money on their accommodations. It is all a matter of knowing how.

You can pay full room rate or rental rate, pay for meals, room service, internet cafe, or you can get larger and better accommodations for the same price and even less.

Retire-on-550 clients are told how to save hundreds of dollars on their accommodations when they come here to retire. Not a single website has mentioned this cost savings and yet there it is available for everyone who comes here to retire and follows our tips and advice.

No gimmicks, no maybe's or if's. You will save hundreds of dollars per person on your next airfare.
We discovered this savings over 7 years ago and in all the research we have done since that time not a single website has mentioned this airfare saving to it's readers.

Here are a some actual examples of savings available to retiree's and website visitors and people vacationing in Chiang Mai.

What we found out was that our favorite accommodations in Chiang Mai in terms of value offers a "free month" after a years rental. The complex does not show that anywhere and you would not know it when you sign a rental contract. And another popular condo complex will offer the same but makes no mention of it to the renter.

Two popular condo complexes and both offer a "free months" rental after a yearly rental and few people would ever be aware of it. Well, the savings is over 8% of your accommodations cost for the year and the accommodations cost is already the "best value" in Chiang Mai in terms of price and size at only 4,000 baht/month for a studio and 6,000 baht/month for a large one bedroom.

Furnished accommodations with pool on site, wifi, cable tv and excellent location for long term stay.

For people visiting here be it retiree's or other we recommend condo rental to hotel room rental as the condo will be about 50% larger, about 20-65% lower in price, much better equipped and in a very good location. So why stay in a small hotel room when there is a better option available to you?

Our service has 12 condo complexes we work with and often we book directly with owners for short term rental. The owners in most cases would not rent directly to you as they do not know you and too much work for them. We make it easier for the owners and they know we bring a large amount of clients and good clients that are respectful of owner's condo's.

Bottom line the owner earns some income from condo's he owns and which are available and clients receive top class accommodations that are larger, nice and better equipped than hotel rooms for a fraction of the price.

Examples of condo's with photo's and prices are available in our just released E-book and we provide free email support for renters. We give you the address, name of complex, price, and can even pre-book the best unit for your arrival in Chiang Mai.

Find our why we are one of the largest accommodations providers in all of Chiang Mai from budget to luxury accommodations, from short to long term accommodations including condo's, house's, and even villa's.

Don't settle for small hotel rooms when you can have larger and better for less money.

 Khmer hospitality
Gorgeous spacious 91 sq. m. 1br 2 bath luxury condo, western style kitchen
and oval bathtub

Three times the size of a 4 star hotel room and much better equipped.

There are other ways in which one can save on accommodations costs, and savings of 100's of dollars available to you and larger and better accommodations during your short or long term stay in beautiful Chianig Mai.

Wow!!!! IF I had only known sooner.

Accommodations savings for Everyone!!

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CONDO's for Retire-on-550 clients.. No Joiner Fees, Larger & Better Equiped than Hotel
Short term rentals - Include "FREE" Wifi, breakfasts daily, cable tv, stocked fridge, 3x./week full cleaning


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