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If you are in business you will likely need a good website.

Used to be that creatiing a good website cost thousands of dollars and not everyone could afford it. Well, the good news is that Times Have Changed. Websites and good ones at that can be created inexpensively.

This is one website which I came across which appears to be "One of the Best" out there helping people to create their own websites. website was created to help people retire sooner and more affordably to Chiang Mai, Thailand. In the process we acquired knowledge about building websites that get good results in terms of website visitors.

Anyone can build a website these days but to get to page 1 of Google search results for terms pertaining to your services is another matter and something that takes skill, effort and time.

For as we all know if we are on Google page 1 for searches pertaining to our services we will not only get clients but clients "For Free".. thank you Google.

This page was created to help website owners obtain better search placement and thus more website vistors who will become clients.

The advice is FREE.

Our Credentials:

This is a chart of search terms relating to our services and how we fare in terms of Google searches.

Search Term Total Searches Page Result Page Position
 Retiring to Thailand  199,000  1  1
Retirement to Thailand
 508,000  1  1&2
 Chiang Mai Retirement  86,000  1  1,2,9,10
 Thailand Retirement  512,000  1  1,2,3
 Affordable Retirement City  264,000  1  4
Budget Apartments in Chiang Mai
 1,100,000  1  1&2
Long term Condo Accommodations in Thailand
 358,000  1  1&2
Retirement Accommodations in Thailand
 825,000  1  1&2
 Homestay Outside of Chiang Mai  364,000  1  2&3
 Thai Educational Visa  404,000  1 1
 Chiang Mai Massage  352,000  1  7
 Best Massage in Chiang Mai  524,000  1  3&4
 Retiring to Thailand  199,000  1  1
 Gay Life in Chiang Mai  1,190,000  1  4
 Finding a Girlfriend in Thailand  266,000  1  1
 Finding a Wife in Chiang Mai  1,330,000  1  3&4
 Girlfriend in Thailand  607,000  1  1
Thai Girlfriend
 378,000  1  3
 Chiang Mai Family Tours  1,300,000  1  1,2,4,5
Retiring to Thailand
 199,000  1  1
 Chiang Mai Singles Tours  113,000  1  1,2,4,6
 Thailand Nightlife Tours  205,000  1  5,10
 Driving in Chiang Mai  413,000  1  1&2
 Buying a Car in Chiang Mai
 1  1&2
 Health Coverage in Chiang Mai  3,680,000  1  5
 Health Care Treatment in Chiang Mai  500,000  1  1&2
 Tailors in Chiang Mai
 1  1
 Clothing in Chiang Mai  309,000  1  3
 Buying Clothes in Chiang Mai
 1  8
 Jewelry in Chiang Mai  234,000  1  3
Best Jeweler in Chiang Mai
 975,000  1  1
Living in Chiang Mai
 495,000  1  5

Getting on to page 1 of Google searches pertaining to search terms that relate to your business is vital in terms of getting clients For Free and in having a successful business.

As you can see and verify we have managed to get on to page 1 of Google searches for the above search terms and even more search terms. We will let you in on how we managed to do this in less than 2 years time. And we will let you in some some common misconceptions which should educate you as to what makes a website successful.
Myth: When I was in the process of creating a website I read on another website that if I obtained 80 good link exchanges that is all that I needed to get sufficient number of website visitors who will become clients.

Fact: Utter Nonsense!!! What I discovered is that for normal link exchanges we will get almost zero traffic. Good link exchanges on related sites and even in prominent locations such as content pages and home pages result in some traffic but certainly not enough to be able to sit back and take it easy as to a steady stream of website visitors.

The key is to get on Page 1 of Google searches for search terms that relate to your business.

Myth: Many people think the design of their website and photo's are important as to developing a successful website.

Fact: Search engines do not recognize design or photo's in their ranking of websites.

Myth: When my website designer has completed my website and we are live the job is 90% complete.

Fact: When your website designer has your site up and live the job is 5% complete.

There are many things that have yet to be done and it is unlikely your website designer will tell you about them.

The Keys to a Successful Website:

* Link, Links and more Links. A ongoing link exchange program with websites in a similar industry/field.

* Adding Good Content. A website with multiple pages of valued content is going to be rated higher on searches than a website with a single page.

* Ongoing Content Change. I have never read of this but have discovered this for myself. When we have made signigicant content changes to our website we have received more website visitors shortly thereafter.

* Register with DMOZ, Yahoo and Google yourself. The minor search engines are insignificant compared to Google and Yahoo and you have to ensure you are registered with these 2 heavyweights and the sooner the better. With Google I have seen it take 6-8 weeks for them to recognize and rate a new website.

* Translator. I am amazed to see websites selling their services to International customers and yet not have a FREE TRANSLATOR on their website for the benefit of foreign website visitors who do not understand English.

* StatCounter. And I am amazed to see websites without a StatCounter. To have a successful website you have to know how many visitors you are getting, how are they arriving at your website, what pages they view, which pages are the most popular, and other such statistics.

We use a Free StatCounter which supplies all of this information.

How on earth can someone have a website and not know about the people who are visiting the website. If I advertise in a magazine for example I want to see how many more visitors I received as a result of my promotion.

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