Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Helping people retire Affordably, Quickly and Properly to Chiang Mai and Cebu and Siem Reap is the what we do.

We have expanded our services to include Cebu, Philippines and Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Chiang Mai, Thailand and Cebu, Philippines are the two most popular retirement destinations in all of South East Asia, and we believe Siem Reap, Cambodia will overtake both Cebu and Chiang Mai.

Try one or try them all for a week or a month and then decide which you like best. Better to do that than get yourself into a long term rental contract or buying a condo and furniture and discovering you may have preferred another retirement destination more.

Our new website provides information about Philippines and Cebu in particular and we will soon have staff on hand helping clients retire to Cebu providing visa advice, accommodations and more..

Our new website provides information about Cambodia and Siem Reap in particular and this is now the location of our "Head Office".

As the cost of visiting Philippines, Thailand or Cambodia is low we encourage our clients and website visitors to visit several countries and stay for a week up to a month and then decide which location they prefer the best.

Some of our clients have been here before and know the city and ask us to find them accommodations that meet their budget and needs and also to provide them with advice about living here in retirement.

So far ALL of our clients who have come here to check out Chiang Mai as a retirement destination have ALL retired here or are in the process of coming here to retire.

We provide a complete service that no one else offers.

And we are proud to say that Our Way Works.

6 Good Reasons to become a Client:

1/ Accommodations:

Would you rather come here and spend 1-2 weeks in a 25 sq. m. hotel room paying 1-2,000 baht/night amd then spending money for a taxi to look around for accommodations?
Would you rather come here and have this 42 sq. m. condo ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Like new condo comes with a large fridge, cooking unit, microwave, 32" lcd tv, dvd player, surround sound and bathroom with bathtub/shower with cable tv, wireless internet, and American breakfasts all included.

Click on any of the photo's for more details
Great location only 2 minutes from popular Night Bazaar shopping and Loi kroh rd. entertainment areas.

2/ Retirement Advice:

Would you rather come here uncertain as to how to live here
Would you rather come here and know ALL that you want to know within 2 days of arriving here and knowing that you did everything right in coming here from visa, transportation, medical, what to bring, what to buy.

The day after you arrival we have an Orientation Day where you will learn more than people who have been here for 6 months who are non clients.

3/ Other Advice:

Would you rather come here and hit the bars and spend on bar tabs, bar fines, ladies drinks only to find out the ladies in the bars have boyfriends or husbands and that they are not interested in you.
Would you rather come here and meet some lovely ladies who are sincere and want to meet foreign men who are planning on staying here.
4/ Decide Between 3 Great Retirement Destinations in South East Asia (Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Cebu):

A choice of 3 great places to retire. Try one or more and then decide.

5/ Tours:

We are the first and largest retirement service for Chiang Mai, Thailand. The only service that provides retirement services with staff on hand in more than one Asian country. And only retirement service that has a comprehensive e-book that covers off all the important topics of retiring to Thailand.

Although we have retirement websites for Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Siem Reap, Cambodia and Cebu, Philippines our first choice as a retirement destination is Siem Reap, Cambodia for most clients.


Many reasons including visa, easier and cost less to find Cambodian g/f or wife for those men who are interested as well as nicer, less crowded beaches that are easy to get to in southern Cambodia from Siem Reap.

In some cases Chiang Mai, Thailand may be a retirement destination and we explain why to our clients.

We no longer recommend Cebu, Philippines as a retirement destination as we feel that Thailand and Cambodia are much better.

Our service enables you to get the facts as to which retirement location is best for you, and enables you to make the move properly and hassle free starting from what to do in your home country, visa, transportation savings, accommodation savings and input on g/f and wife for those that are interested.

Our Service makes it easy for you.. and It Works !
Group and Private Tours - click on above link to access website

Our Services:

1. E-Book - "Secrets to Retiring to Chiang Mai, Thailand"

It is difficult to keep over 180 pages of content updated and accurate so we decided to release an E-book. An easy to read and full of the "key" information that you will need to decide if you want to retire here and the "key" information you will need should you decide to retire here.

New chapters dealing with the political situation here in Thailand, and summarizing the content on our website and that includes current cost of living costs and also our own living costs in Chiang Mai. Video's to entertain you and reference to articles we have had published.

After you read the Ebook you will know what we know and the most important factors in deciding on Chiang Mai as a retirement destination and in moving and living here. Considerable content and attention is given to the bar scene, where to find a Thai girlfriend, relationships and even the best Introduction Service in Chiang Mai.

Secrets to Retiring to Chiang Mai

14 Chapters - New, Updated, Confidential Information

Email us for a "Free" chapter

90 day "Free" personalized email support with every Ebook

---> Click here for more information

Our fee-only 3,600 baht for e-book With 3 months e-mail support (approx. $ 99 U.S.)


Our fee-only 2,500 baht for e-book Without e-mail support (approx. $69 U.S.)

2. Chiang Mai Retirement

A/ Bronze Retire Package - Thinking of Retiring here - Want to visit Chiang Mai first

Our Retire clients visit from a week to 3 months under this retirement package.

Most clients book accommodations we offer to them as the rental is offered at a "special client discount" from normal rental rates. And the accommodations we offer are similar to accommodations one would live in when retired here thus larger and much better equipped compared to hotel rooms.

Retire clients that book accommodations with us will be met and greeted at the airport and transferred to their accommodations. That evening we normally have dinner with our clients and a free Thai show in the popular Night Bazaar area.

For single male clients we have our Nightlife tour and for female clients or couples/families we have our City tour following dinner, Thai show and shopping in Night Bazaar.

Often the following day we have our "Orientation Day" during which we view long term accommodations that meet our client's wish list and budget. And we have lunch and in the afternoon we cover off healthcare, transportation options, discuss long term visa options and application process, re-newals and re-entry permits as well as answer all questions and concerns our clients may have about retiring here and living here.

A full day with driver, staff, vehicle, fuel, lunch included.

Our fee-only 15,400 baht/single
(approx. $432 U.S./single and $499 U.S./couple -excluding accommodations)

* Payable 50% when you want our advice and service to commence, and 50% on arrival.

B/ Silver Retire Package - Have Decided to Retire to Chiang Mai - Need visa, retire services, accommodations and possibly tours

For those clients who have decided to retire in Chiang Mai we will be there with you from the beginning of the process and after you arrive.

Before you arrive we will offer suggestions as to what to buy, bring, sell, medical, notification of address change, best way to travel to Thailand, recommend travel options from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, as well as the visa you should have on your arrival (Important).

As to accommodations you will tell us what you want in terms of long term accommodations in terms of size and price and we will have it booked and ready and waiting for you at the "special client discount". And when you book your accommodations with us in advance you expedite receipt of your Retirement visa as well. You are free to book accommodations on your own but most of our clients book their accommodations with us after comparison shopping and realizing that they receive a nice discount on our rentals.

Clients booking accommodations with us are met and greeted at the airport by our staff who handle the transfer to selected accommodations.

The day of arrival we have dinner with out clients and take in a Thai show. After dinner our eligible male clients have a Nightlife tour and couples or females the City tour.

The day following arrival we go over the Visa application process and requirements and agree on a tentative timetable. Before your arrival we would have covered off the visa options available to you for long term stay and you would have selected the one you prefer.

Visa applications can involve visits to Learning institutions or to Immigration offices as well as banks, and other places to obtain application forms, meet with officials and ensure that you have selected the proper visa and can proceed with the application.

Our staff speak Thai and English and Chinese and are available during the visa application process and this includes car, driver, fuel for an entire day or part days whichever suits you best.

During the first week we will have an Orientation Day during which we will view long term accommodations as this is required for your Retirement visa a application, cover off health care options, transportation recommendations and advice, where to shop, where to dine, where to buy household items including used items at a discount, and get you started on the right track to settling you quickly, and affordably. The full day Orientation day includes staff, driver, car, fuel and lunch and all of you questions will be answered and concerns addressed.

The Silver Retire package includes 2 full days with driver, Thai/English speaking staff knowledgeable in visa process applications and regulations, vehicle, fuel, lunch included.

One full day for your "Orientation Day" and several half days to obtain required forms, documents, certificates, photo's required for the visa application.

While you are living here in retirement feel free to contact us if you need assistance with any matter whatsoever.

Our fee-only 23,200 baht/single
(approx. $649 U.S./single and $769 U.S./couple and $899 U.S./family)

* Payable 50% when you want our advice and service to commence, and 50% on arrival.

3. Accommodations

Whether you are vacationing in Chiang Mai for a week or here for your retirement and in need of long term accommodations we have accommodations for you. When you have booked your flight simply send us an e-mail with your arrival date, the length of your stay and what you want in terms of accommodations. We will check our listings and get back to you with the best accommodations that is available for you in terms of location, affordability and quaility.
For a sampling of a few of the types of accommodations that we have available
simply click on the above photo.
Our accommodations offerings range from budget apartments, economy condo's, luxury condo's, ultra luxury condo's, small houses, large fully furnished houses and condo's for sale. At this time we have apartments at 2,800 baht a month to 6 bedroom furnished house, maid and driver for 89,000 baht a month.
Deposit can be made by either Western Union or MoneyGram or by bank transfer:

Western Union - simply click on this link

then select "Country" you are from - click on down arrow next to country at top of page
then select from either "Online, At a Location or by Phone"
and we recommend using their "Money in Minutes" service for sending funds to Cambodia.

Forward to :

* we will provide name of person to send to *

and them simply email us name and country of sender and the MTCN # you are given by Western Union.


MoneyGram - simply click on this link and then select country you are from
You can select from same day service
you can select economy service and fee is bit less and funds are received in 3-5 days.

Forward to:

* we will provide name of person to send to *

When the transaction is completed you will receive Transaction # from MoneyGram and you simply email that number to us, with name and country of sender.

With Western Union and MoneyGram the deposit forwarded to us can be applied against a credit card online from home or office and is safe and secure. Keep in mind that Western Union or MoneyGram fee is the responsibility of the sender.


Bank transfer and we will provide name of individual and account details.

Just e-mail -

From: Jack T. (Sydney, Australia)

G'Day Wan and George. For the benefit of your visitors who are considering retiring to Chiang Mai I am writing these following several paragraphs.

I too sat at the computer and checked into everything I could about retiring to Chiang Mai similar to what George had done before he moved to Chiang Mai and I thought I knew all that I needed to know. I forwarded an e-mail to Retire-on-550 and explained this to them and that I would contact them after my arrival if I needed anything, and that I enjoyed their website which added many insights into life in Chiang Mai.

George made me the following proposition.

I would explain to him what my plans were in moving to Chiang Mai and where I would live and other questions he had ready and that he would look over my replies. If he wasn't able to save me any money on the move he would say so but if he could save me more than $2,000 US that I would pay Retire-on-550 their fee.

Well cocky SOB that I am I figured that I would show them how well I had done my research and also that I had nothing to lose.

Now that I have arrived in Chiang Mai and settled in I have to admit that I paid the fee to Retire-on-550, paid it willingly and gratefully and I will acknowledge that they saved me much more than I expected.

There were many money savings tips put forward to me by George and Wan and I went with most of their recommendations. I had planned on obtaining my Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai and that proved to be a big mistake. I thought I found an inexpensive place to stay and it proved to be more costly than what I needed and also the location was not as good as what Wan secured for me. There is more but I just want to thank Wan and George once again for all of their help.

Chiangmai Grouptours
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