Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Shipping parcels and articles to Chiang Mai may be required when you move to Chiang Mai and we recommend shipping companies that will do the job and save you money in the process to our Retire-on-550 clients.

We have a Chiang Mai FedEx office will deliver worldwide by air or by oceanfreight and they will get your items here in one piece and quickly and we have shipping companies that can do the job equally as well for Less $$.

When you are moving to Chiang Mai or elsewhere in Thailand you will spend alot of your time deciding what to bring, what to leave behind and what to sell. Then you will determine what weight allowances you are permitted free of charge and how much it costs to ship what you want.

I went thru the whole exercise from packing everything and then unpacking and packing again. What I found out was that if you want to start bringing things like appliances, furniture, framed prints, mirrors and the like that in most cases you will pay duty and tax on these items. After all is said and done you will pay more for shipping the goods here than what it costs to buy it new here.

Also you have to keep in mind that even with a Retirement Visa you are not allowed to bring these items duty and tax free. Does not make sense to me but that is what I understand to be the rules.

And for your information we have many people considering bringing their motor vehicles with them when they move here.

I would say forget it, as the duty and taxes apply with the vehicles also and from what I recall the duty and taxes are even higher for auto's.

Cars here have their steering wheel on the opposite side of the car as what I am used to in North America for one thing, also you would save money by buying a pick up truck here. They are taxed less and most people who have motor vehicles have pick up trucks.

You may require to ship small or large items here before or after you arrive. We recommend using FedEx, an internationally known name that provides good service at a very competitive price.

After moving here one will undoubtedly discover that they should not have brought certain items with them as they are not appropriate here or can be purchased for a lower price here in Chiang Mai and one will discover that one should have brought items and now regret that fact.

Books are near the top of the list as to items people feel that should have brought with them. The cost of shipping bulky books was a concern and led to the person coming here without reading material that they accumulated over the years.

We also show clients how to bring items here in bulk without paying exceess luggage charge by the airlines and saving themselves considerable money in the process.

When you arrive in Chiang Mai it may be after selling off many things that were dear to you and you may want them again and find them hard to find. A suggestion for anyone having CD's, movies be it DVD or even VCR, is rather than giving them away and this includes books, best to package them up nicely and leave them with a good friend. After you arrive here in Chiang Mai you may decide that you miss that good novel or movie and all you have to do is e-mail your friend to send it to you here in Chiang Mai.

I gave away many books and items I wish I had with me now. If it meant spending a hundred or two hundred dollars to have them here now I would gladly fork out the money.

We help our clients ship items to Chiang Mai, Thailand and save them money and time in the process.

CONDO's for Retire-on-550 clients.. No Joiner Fees, Larger & Better Equiped than Hotel
Short term rentals - Include "FREE" Wifi, breakfasts daily, cable tv, stocked fridge, 3x./week full cleaning


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