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Accommodations which we recommend to our clients are viewed by our staff, presented to our clients via e-mail and booked for clients who will be either vacationing or retiring in Chiang Mai. is our tour operator and they look after part day, full day and weekly private and group tours for our clients.

"Welcome to Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand and home 
to thousands of contented retiree's from around the globe."


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Sankampaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai 

Kad Suan Kaew.. large city mall in Chiang Mai 

Man made moat and old city wall in Chiang Mai 

Thae Pae gate in Chiang Mai 

Disco's and beautiful Thai ladies in Chiang Mai 

Elephant day.. most popular tour in Chiang Mai 

Where to find lovely Thai girls in Chiang Mai 

Manadalay bar in Chiang Mai 

Bars in Chiang Mai 

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Dentists in Chiang Mai 
Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand 
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Health Care in Chiang Mai compared to Canada 
My Healthcare Treatments in Chiang Mai 
Stopping Chronic Pain for Good 
Dental Procedures in Chiang Mai 
Cosmetic Procedures in Chiang Mai 
Medical Procedures in Chiang Mai 
Thailand Medical Tourism and Medical Procedures 

Antiques in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Antiques - Marble Collection 
Antiques - Boat Collection 
Antiques - Book Collection 

Hot Springs in Chiang Mai 
Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai 
Climate in Chiang Mai 
Best Fitness Centre in Chiang Mai 


Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Walking Street in Chiang Mai 

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House for Sale - 3 br 2 ba 
House for Sale - 3 br 2 ba 
House for Rent - CMLAnd 
Condo for Rent - HS4 JMB bath 
Condo for Rent - HS4 JMB show 
Condo for Rent - MO 1 br 
Condo for Rent - MO TP 
Condo for Rent - Studio pool fit 
Condo for Rent - Large studio pool fit 
Condo for Rent - Large 2br 2b 
Condo for Rent - Rich 
Condo for Rent - 2br 1 ba Sut 
Condo for Sale - 1br 1 ba Yum 
Villa For Sale - large 
Villa For Sale - Skpg 
Villa for Rent or Sale - 4 br 4 bath 
Condo for Rent or Sale - 1 br 2 bath 
Condo for Rent - 2 br 1 bath 
Condo for Rent - 2 br 2 bath 
Condo for Rent - 1 br 1 bath 

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