Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

From: Jack T. (Sydney, Australia)

G'Day Wan and Teresa. For the benefit of your visitors who are considering retiring to Chiang Mai I am writing these following several paragraphs.

I too sat at the computer and checked into everything I could about retiring to Chiang Mai similar to what Teresa had done before he moved to Chiang Mai and I thought I knew all that I needed to know. I forwarded an e-mail to Retire-on-550 and explained this to them and that I would contact them after my arrival if I needed anything, and that I enjoyed their website which added many insights into life in Chiang Mai.

Teresa made me the following proposition.

I would explain to him what my plans were in moving to Chiang Mai and where I would live and other questions he had ready and that he would look over my replies. If he wasn't able to save me any money on the move he would say so but if he could save me more than $2,000 US that I would pay Retire-on-550 their fee.

Well cocky SOB that I am I figured that I would show them how well I had done my research and also that I had nothing to lose.

Now that I have arrived in Chiang Mai and settled in I have to admit that I paid the fee to Retire-on-550, paid it willingly and gratefully and I will acknowledge that they saved me much more than I expected.

There were many money savings tips put forward to me by Teresa and Wan and I went with most of their recommendations. I had planned on obtaining my Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai and that proved to be a big mistake. I thought I found an inexpensive place to stay and it proved to be more costly than what I needed and also the location was not as good as what Wan secured for me. There is more but I just want to thank Wan and Teresa once again for all of their help.

From: Ralph B. (Baltimore U.S.A.)

Wan and Teresa, thank you for all your help. Couldn't have done it without you.

Didn't want to part with my money but you convinced me to try your service and now I am very glad that I did.

The accommodations that you selected for me are not on the internet. I never would have found this fantastic place to stay on my own, even if I had the time to look around.

Fairly new to Chiang Mai everyone and just to let you know that it isn't perfect. When I arrived it was raining almost every second day. It's cooler now and the rains have subsided and Teresa tells me to expect a dry spell lasting about 4 months with lots of sun and warm but not hot weather.

I cannot get over the prices and the deals that Wan/Teresa have gotten me.

Put your trust in them as I did and they will cut your costs and give you more free time to enjoy your retirement.

Looking forward to a long stay here in Chaing Mai and friends like Wan and Teresa will be there for me.

From: Julia & John (Edmonton Canada)

Hi all from Canada!!!

We just arrived back home after an extended vacation in Thailand. We did all that we wanted to do and have some great photos to share with our family and friends and also fantastic keepsakes that we purchased.

John noticed the Retire-on-550-month website in his searches before our trip and wrote to Teresa to let him know that we would be vacationing in Thailand and that included Chiang Mai. Basically we looked for some free advice and suggestions. We are not about to retire just yet and are not interested in moving to Chiang Mai. Too many friends back home and we cannot leave our family for extended periods.

To make a long story short we spent 2 weeks in Chiang Mai and 4 weeks in Thailand in total. We enjoyed just about everything. John wanted upscale accommodations everywhere we went and even though we are not wealthy we have become accustomed to staying in 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels.
We had a spot picked out for Chiang Mai and intended to stay one week. Turned out we stayed two weeks and loved every minute.

Teresa cut us a great deal on accommodations and the tour package from his tour operator was the best in terms of venues and price.

Well we are back home now in Edmonton, and we have an oil painting of ourselves which Wan delivered to us at our hotel. I loaded up on shopping bargains and we are sharing our trip details with friends and family.

We will be back and we are recommending Retire-on-550-month to our friends.

From: Kate (Brisbane Australia)

Thank you very much both of you for making the vacation possible.

We came to you in desperation and you did what others could not do or did not want to do.

Our cat travels with us wherever possible and no where could we find suitable accommodations for us and our cherished pet. As a last resort we contacted Teresa and asked is he could help.

Accommodations were located which normally do not accept pets but as the owners were friends of Teresa they agreed to allow our pet to stay with us. No extra charges. We just had to agree to pay for any damages if they were a result of our cat. That was fine by us.

Our trip exceeded our expectations. The accommodations were excellent and Daniel sends all his best.

These are a few testimonials which we wanted to share with our visitors.

Bernard send us a nasty e-mail and was put off when we told him we do not provide escorts for extended stays out of town. Sorry Bernard, we do not provide out of town escorts.

We did have a Correspondence and Introductions Service but we discovered that most men prefer to find ladies on their own. This came as a surprise to us as we anticipated that divorced, separated or even single men intending to retire to Chiang Mai and in need of someone to share their lives with would utilize our service.

Unfortunately not enough customers and too much work involved in translating letters from English to Thai and back again. The Thai language is one that we were unable to locate a free translation for on the internet. So we do not promote Corresondence/Introductions as a service offered but should someone be interested we would help them in this area.

So thank you everyone for their testimonials, both good and bad. We appreciate them and it is a great way of adding to our services and improving our services.

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