Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

After 6 years of living in and around Chiang Mai, having hundreds of clients, and thousands of hours of research I feel that I am in a position to offer money saving advice and tips to people who are considering retiring to Chiang Mai.

The advice and tips will not only save you thousands of dollars but also significantly increase your odds of living here comfortably and more happily.

Let's start off by stating that most of our clients are single men who come here to retire and they want a Thai girlfriend and in a some cases a Thai wife.

MOST of our clients coming here to retire are single men and MOST retiree's here in Chiang Mai are single men.

When they request accommodations again for the most part they will ask to be close to Night Bazaar or LoiKroh rd and we understand why. They want to hit some bars and go-go's and bar fine some Thai ladies. No surprise to us.

But what they do not realize is that I can get from any end of the city to Loi Kroh rd in 10 min. or less at one does not need to be living on or near Loi Kroh rd. especially long term.

To the bar girls or girls in the go-go's it doesn't matter if you are living 1 minute from where they work or 10 minutes from where they work.

"FIRST TIP" - Accommodations:

So first of all recognizing that accommodations makes us the largest portion of the Cost of Living Costs our "First Tip" is do not try to get accommodations as near as possible to Loi Kroh rd. All that it will accomplish is cost you more for accommodations and limit your choices to only a few accommodations that are closeby. There are no condo's on Loi Kroh rd. and anyone living here long term would soon realize the extra traffic one would have to cope with daily by living in or near the city centre.
This is the condo complex our 3 most recent clients selected for long term accommodations based on our recommendation. "Best Value in Chiang Mai" with large pool on site and fitness across the street and great location for meeting Thai ladies.
Non clients pay 10-20,000 baht/month for serviced apt. or hotel for first 2-4 weeks while they look for accommodations on their own. And our large 1 bedroom with bathtub, a/c, wifi, cable tv is 6,000 baht/month. 

And the complex do not have a functioning website. 

As to Finding a Wife or Thai Girlfriend.. 
Do not waste YOUR TIME OR MONEY on the bar scene or at the go go's.. 

You can catch a sexual disease, or become an alcoholic and spend thousands of dollar before you ever meet a Thai lady who is genuinely interested in you.
Try a Dating or Introduction Service as communicating with several Thai ladies will make the time go by faster while you are waiting for you retirement date and when the time does come to make the move here or to the Philippines you will have several attractive and sincere ladies who are looking forward to meeting you.
"SECOND TIP" - Finding a Girlfriend or Wife:

thai-gf-thai-wife banner 
Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife in Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a very important topic and if come here in search of a Thai girlfriend and do not find one you could be unhappy or spending a small fortune on bar fines, drinks and bar tabs. 

Correspond with several Thai ladies and then meet one on your arrival and one a few days later. You will look forward to your arrival even more rather than being a bit apprehensive about the move here and you will find a NICE Thai girlfriend or wife SOONER. 

And the sooner you find a nice Thai girlfriend .. The Sooner you will be Happy.. 
Our website visitors and clients recommended the above service. We signed up and gave it a try ourselves and were most pleased with the results. The cost is affordable, great selection of gorgeous young ladies and daily checking emails from ladies attracted to you. 

The service covers Thailand and Philippines as well as other countries and deals with primarily gorgeous Asian girls. 

"THIRD TIP" - Making Money in Your Spare Time: 
Although most of our clients have more than enough savings and pension to live off during their retirement in Chiang Mai they still invest in stocks, and look at ways to make money. 

Often this is due to years of watching the markets and years of investing and getting a sense of accomplishment and pat on the back when they make wise decision which result in extra income. 

Most of our clients invest in stocks while retired in Chiang Mai and the clients who we find to be making the most amount of money are the Foreign Exchange Traders. They determine the risk they are prepared to take and set their profit targets and have often tried and tested software and found a system that works. 

Now this isn't for everyone. But it does allow one unlimited profits and limited losses. One of our clients is and expert and is now offering his own trading service and advice. 

Now there are other ways to earn income and some retiree's go into business with their Thai Girlfriend. This could be a small bar, massage, or other business and based on living here over 6 years and seeing and talking to these retiree's our recommendation is.. 

Forget bars, restaurants, massage and if anything get your Thai girlfriend into a hair salon school and she can learn how to dry, cut, color hair and open her own salon and if anything happens to you she can earn income. And it is a way of keeping her business, and her earning some money. 

And keep in mind that to work in Chiang Mai you need a Work Permit. This does not apply to trading stocks, foreign exchange investing or even owning a website if established properly. 

Personally, we like the idea of creating your own website. Earnings from Google Adsense, ClickBank, Affilate earnings, and even much more.. A steady and growing income for years to come if you do it right. 

And let us not forget about Teaching English in Chiang Mai. One can take a course from course providers in Chiang Mai.. note: we Do Not Recommend Chiang Mai University... and get part time employment teaching English. IT isn't always about the money as some clients and retiree's want something to do and keep them busy. "Use it or Lose it". 

"FOURTH TIP" - Looking ahead: 
Things do not always remain the same and one has to look ahead and have contingency plans. NO ONE has written about this topic but yet it is something we should think about and have a course of action planned. 

What we are referring to is the possibility that we have settled down in Chiang Mai and then for some reason have to leave. 

The reasons could be splitting up with a Thai girlfriend, could be a desire to be close to the ocean, a change of pace, desire to see more of the world, or even a change in the political situation which causes unreliable internet, increased crime, danger to one's own safety. 

Right now Chiang Mai is a safe place to live and safer than Philippines and safer than southern Thailand. But keep your eyes and ears open as this could change. And when it does no sense hiding or worrying about one's safety or being unable to live the way one wants in retirement. 

This is why Retire-on-550 is opening a similar service in the Philippines. Anyone unhappy in either Philippines or Thailand or fearing that things have changed or will change soon can call upon our service for assistance in visiting a nearby country that is popular with retiree's. After all Thailand and Philippines are the 2 most popular retirement destinations in S.E. Asia. 

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