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This page will deal with the topics of Weddings in Thailand and Wedding Vow Renewals in Thailand.
Weddings in Thailand will be under two sections, one section dealing with people coming to Thailand to get married as the cost is much less than most western countries 
another section dealing with traditional Thai weddings as they relate to Thai people and also foreigners marrying Thai ladies. 

Westerners coming to Thailand to get married

With weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars in western countries many foreign couples come to exotic Thailand to get married. They save big time on the cost of the marriage and enjoy their honeymoon here as well. 

Thai wedding ceremonies can be custom designed around your religion and catered to small and large groups. In most cases couples coming to Thailand to get married invite their respective parents and best friends. Easy to decide on the guest list and the only problem is synchronizing the group so that they can all attend at the same time. 

When the couples return to their home country they can still have a wedding reception at a restaurant with friends and family who were unable to attend or simply invite them to their home for a get together.
The cost of a wedding here in Thailand depends on the size of the wedding party and on the length of stay. On the budget side a wedding including the couple to be married and two guests including accommodations, wedding ceremony, flowers, accommodation stayover and even Thai clothing starts at $1,900 US and if you want something a bit more extravagant with $3,400 US.

We are based in Chiang Mai which is the 2nd largest city in Thailand and cooler, less traffic and with lower prices for most items and services including weddings. Chiang Mai offers magnificent temple and mountain wedding locations. Despite being an all year location, the middle of October to middle of February is the ideal climate and termperature with sunny skies and warm days. 

Retire-on-550 is a leading accommodations provider in Chiang Mai and we offer budget to luxury accommodations to our clients. For couples interested in a wedding here in Chiang Mai we recommend a luxury guesthouse that can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably with 5 bedroom.. 4 with king size bed and one with twin beds, and 2 large terraces, 2 living rooms and sufficient space for wedding parties of up to 50 people. 

The setting is calm and peaceful and set by the river and provides superb photo opportunities. 
Tuxedo rentals are not appropriate and a simple white shirt and dress pants are sufficient for the groom and the bride can choose from wedding dress made here in Chiang Mai and again another opportunity to save $$ money $$ or even Thai attire. 

We offer a one stop service where your accommodations, tours, wedding ceremony and your honeymoon needs. 

Simply e-mail us with your arrival and departure dates, the number of people that will be attending, and the type of weddding you prefer be it Western or Thai. 

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Westerners marrying Thai ladies in Thailand 

With over 18,000 retiree's living here in Chiang Mai there are foreign males who meet Thai ladies and fall in love and get married here in Chiang Mai. 

The Thai ladies are mainly Buddhists and there are many Christians as well. So the type of ceremony has to be decided upon be it Thai, Western Catholic, Western Protestant and other.. 

Most foreign men who get married here have part or most of the Thai ceremony included in their wedding. May as well keep the young bride happy from the outset as this is what her friends and family are accustomed to. 

Even though there is a wide age difference between the man and his wife the marriages are often long lasting and the foreigner gets the attention, loving, cooking, cleaning and companionship he wants and was often without in his home country. 

Over 50% of North American marriages "Fail" with couples being about the same age and here in Thailand the majority of marriages between a young Thai lady and senior farang "Succeed" and bring much happiness to both. 

Relationships be it living together or marriage here in Chiang Mai between couples with age differences of up to 40 years Work and Work Well and that is the main reason single males come here to retire and why retiree's do not want to leave after they discover Chiang Mai. 

If you go about it by way of the bar scene you could be disappointed and if you do it the right way you will regret only not having come here to retire sooner. 

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For our Retire-on-550 clients we highly recommend as the top choice in Dating or Introduction Services for Thailand. Simply click on the banner to view their website and to get more information about their services.

You can go with a Dating and Introduction Service that handles Thailand 
or you can go with our service.. 

We help our clients meet and marry attractive and sincere Thai ladies that they would have never met on their own, and help arrange the wedding within the budget of the groom. 

Based on our working with and helping single men retire to Chiang Mai we would without any doubt whatsoever suggest that eligible men meet and date Thai ladies as soon as they arrive. 

The "Key" to happiness here for single hetersexual male is a "Nice Thai Girlfriend". 

Tidilat goes to school and is Lisu hilltribe and Lin has completed University and is working and both are interested in meeting a foreign man seeking a Thai wife

Our service is for Retire clients who will live here in Chiang Mai. The Thai ladies prefer that as they are close to family and friends. We are not a Foreign Bride Service but a service designed to assist our clients meet and marry sincere Thai ladies. 

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Wedding Vow Renewals 

You have been married and married happily for 15 or 20 or 25 years and you want to surprise the wife this year with a memorable vacation. 

Well, come here to Chiang Mai on a vacation and renew your wedding vows. A romantic vacation with Ping River Cruise in the evening, relaxing Thai massage for both of you after you plane flight here, spa treatment for the lady and shopping for Rolex watches for the man .. or should I say Rolex copies at $20 US .. and let me know if you can tell the difference from the real thing. 

Photo's together while on tours and visiting famous sites in Thailand to show friends and family and you will make everyone's day when you return home and cook up some Thai meals after your cooking classes here. 

Romance, shopping, memorable photo's and an affordable vacation will have you thinking of returning soon as many tourists do who visit here. 

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