Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
Well as I said before, just about everyone I have met who has come here to retire has a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife.

From what I have seen they are ALL happy.

I have a Thai girlfriend and I am very happy. Finding a lovely Thai girlfriend can be easy for some and difficult to impossible for others. And the difference being how you go about finding a nice Thai girlfriend. 

On our Finding a Thai wife/girlfriend webpage we explained that most foreign men meet Thai ladies here in Chiang Mai in one of 2 ways. 

 1/ Correspondence/Introduction Service 
 2/ Bars, Bar fine, Masseuse 

A male who is in his 50's or 60's and planning on retiring here to Chiang Mai and wants a Thai lady to share his life wife has limited options as to finding her. 

Some men gravitate immediately on arrival in Chiang Mai towards the bar scene as it appears to be exciting and it guarantees you will have a rented g/f short term. But in the morning or even during the night after the rented g/f leaves the excitement is over and reality sets in that one is alone again. And that one has spent more than they expected. 

Our Retire clients tell us that they have "been there and done that" as to the bar scene and see it for what it is and want another means by which to find a Thai girlfriend. 

Although there could be Thai ladies working in bars who could be wonderful girlfriends and wives we recommend other ways in which to find longterm female companionship. MOST of the girls working in bars have sex regularly (been around the block several times), more likely to have tatoos, higher possibility of them being drug users, may have sexual diseases, are likely to have a boyfriend or husband already be it Thai or foreigner and in truth are not interested in a long term relationship with a man over 50 years of age. 

And these are facts that you should consider and understand when rushing towards the nearest bar on arrival. Sure have some fun but have a plan in place for finding the right girlfriend or wife for yourself. That is the key to happiness here for the single male retiree. 

IF you get into a habit of hitting the bars regularly for sex or companionship you will find the following: 

- bar habits are hard to break 
- you have rented a girlfriend and are still alone and lonely most of the time 
- you may have acquired a sexual disease, or become an alcoholic (and there are enough AA members already here in Chiang Mai) 
- and that you are spending much more than you budgeted 

To find a NICE Thai girlfriend or wife will cost you some money, and when you find the right girlfriend who will live with you she will then be saving you money. Saving you money on cooking, cleaning, nursing, no more bar fines, no more excessive boozing and more.. 

Saving you money and bringing you loving, and happiness. 

Initially we were negative on Correspondence and Intro Services and we will explain why. 

Personally I have tried neither. But in doing our research what we found is that there were 3 Introduction services here in Chiang Mai. 

One was up for sale, one wasn't doing any business and did not have a clue about how to develop a good website, and the third had ladies who were paying the service to be on the Introduction website. 

A hefty sum for the lady but they wanted to find a husband. Yes, over a hundred Thai ladies to select from and the average of the ladies was over 40 years of age. 

Our clients are mainly single men and they are eager to meet nice Thai ladies and many have tried Dating and Introduction services and have provided feedback to us about their experiences. 

First of all we discovered that our clients are much more enthused about arriving here and coming here to retire when they have a lovely Thai lady or lovely Thai ladies they are communicating with. After all the main reason men retire here is because of the availability of attractive Thai ladies with whom to share their retirement years. 

But the down side is that many times the ladies ask for money, are not genuine, and can have boyfriends and husbands.. multiple boyfriends each sending them money regularly. 

IT May Work and It May not Work!!! 

But for the costs involved we feel that there is a better way. 

NO, we are not recommending services in Chiang Mai as we have checked out both services and dislike both. Ladies too old in one service and you can do better than that and a new service that was unable or willing to respond to our email inquiries for information. 

So if you want a very young Thai g/f or wife be prepared to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on bar tabs and bar fines, and to be disappointed.
 Angkor heritage

Our Introduction service is "Guaranteed".. 


Become a Retire client and take us up on our advice and assistance. 

What we have noticed is that more than half of the Thai ladies have met have one or more children. In fact we would say about 75% have one or more children. That should not dissuade you from becoming involved with them as they are likely to be the most sincere and make the best g/f and wives. Why? Because they need your financial support to raise the child. 

The "key" to a long lasting relationship with a Thai lady is providing the Financial Support she requires. 

Your looks or age are not as important as you ability and willingness to be a provider for her and her family. 

Is she using you? In our opinion YES 

Are you using her? YES 

You are both using each other to provide for the needs you require and that is exactly how it works in any marriage. 

But it is a relationship that is kept together by your being a good person and her upholding her end of the unwritten bargain. And it works. 

The Best Place in Chiang Mai to find a Thai girlfriend.. a nice Thai girlfriend is not in a bar but in a massage parlor. 

We explain all the reasons why to our clients and show our clients the massage parlors which will yield the best results. And having a relaxing massage for only 500 baht for 1 1/2 hr. and meeting an attractive Thai girl is a great way to find a girlfriend and one that can give massage to you when you live together. 

Our in house Retire-on-550 Introduction Service is "Guaranteed" to find you a nice, sincere Thai lady irregardless of your age or looks. 

The ladies are friends and we vouch for them in terms of their sincerety. 

If you want to meet one of these ladies or someone similar just e-mail us and we will try to do some matchmaking and help out our clients and some really nice Thai ladies who deserve to be happy. 

We arrange and host a luncheon or dinner get together with client, and Thai lady. The Thai lady feels comfortable with us being there and we help with the translations. No bar fines. No large bar tabs. One, two or three such luncheons or dinners and chances are you will have found a Thai lady who is attractive and has a pleasant personality. Someone who will treat you like a king if you are nice to them. 

                                      Just e-mail -

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